Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Simple but effective press prints using waste polystyrene!

This is a really simple and effective way of producing print blocks using waste polystyrene. So start saving your takeaway cartons and recycle them to create simple press prints.

This one was a 'quick fix' to add detail to my plain sketchbook pages, linked to my theme of 'tulips'.

I cut a square piece of polystyrene and using the end of a fine artist paintbrush drew a simple leaf shape into the polystyrene, creating a print block.  I then glued it to a piece of waste card left over from framing photos, to strengthen the polystyrene and prevent it from breaking. I used a diluted gold acrylic paint to add detail to the pages of my sketchbook.

The test piece below used in my scrapbook, gives an idea of how it could look on fabric, or on card or paper to create your own greetings cards.

Did you know that if you use Ormoline Fabric Medium mixed with acrylic, you get a permanent washable printed fabric?

This would be a great way to add effective prints onto plain clothing or fabric.  I'm going to try it. 

I'll might even be a little more creative and add some free machine stitching  or a little hand embroidery to the fabric to create a piece of textile art.  Watch this space!


  1. Thanks for sharing Angie. Love this technique and will definitely use it. I love the way the printing process makes everyday surfaces so interesting, also the recycling is a bonus too. Fabric medium is pretty good as it helps a little to stop the acrylic stiffening the fabric too much, but if you really don't want to affect the handle of the cloth, and you are using cotton/viscose or linen you could use thickened procion mx dyes - you would need to pre-soak the cloth in soda first, and once printed cover with polythene (to keep it moist or the dye won't do it's thing)and leave overnight before rinsing. I bet it would look lovely with lumiere paints too - could have so much fun experimenting with this couldn't you??

  2. I need to get some luminaire paints!